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Conference Theme



Flanz chose the conference theme “Focus on Flexible Learning” to bring attention to the big questions facing the future of flexible learning and to the presentation of innovative future focussed solutions.


Conference SubThemes

1. Flexible Futures

In the sub theme “Flexible Futures” we encourage presenters to explore the challenges of forging connectivity, looking closely at issues and solutions around access, equity and ubiquity of learning.
Here, we encourage ideas that challenge fallacies related to flexible learning and assessment and move beyond questioning its actuality to embrace its extraordinary potential.
                          We want to see beyond the present horizons and understand how new technologies such as Augmented Reality and the use of predictive data can                                          enhance student success and enrich learning experiences. 


2. Flexible technologies and models

In the sub-theme “Flexible technologies and models” we turn our attention to matters of curriculum, pedagogies and practice that have the power to disrupt conventional methodologies when augmented by new technologies and new thinking.
We are interested in how technology supports change and how technology enables greater stakeholder agency and challenges notions of public/private spheres, including glocal approaches to wicked education issues. 


3. Flexible pathways

The third sub-theme “Flexible Pathways” is about transitions and the challenges of bridging those transitions for learners: transitions within learning pathways, across sectors, and between sectors